Networking- Goldmine of Business Intelligence

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Posted on Aug 03, 2019 at 06:08 PM

Network insight is giving us new ways to monetise infrastructure. It’s driving the creation of new forms of value in the workplace and in customer engagement, increasing productivity and revenue.

People are using real time insight from the network to create differentiated and personalised experiences that improve customer engagement in sectors as diverse as retail, hospitality, and sport – giving rise to a whole new era in value creation: the experience economy.

By adopting a more unified approach to architecture and analytics, and understanding how every element of the infrastructure is contibuting to application performance, it’s becoming possible to deliver differentiating user experiences in real time.

Tapping into the experience economy takes two main things: technology and services. Combining the kind of unified, intelligent networking technology that Aruba offer with transformational managed services of the sort Dimension Data provide can give enterprises significant competitive advantage.

Now imagine a hotel with the same sort of automated digital check in and wayfinding to your room, but you unlock the door with your phone. You can do this on Aruba’s networks, because both the phone and the door are on a single unified wired-and-wireless network.

Inside the room, the network can automatically adjust the height of the desk and the firmess of the mattress to your liking. It can also stream your individual Netflix account to your in-room TV, just like at home – a powerful differentiating experience for a hotel chain to offer.