Transformative Potential of Hybrid IT

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Posted on Aug 03, 2019 at 06:08 PM

The real potential of hybrid IT – to achieve faster execution, more business agility, and sustainable cost reduction – comes when you run a single workload across multiple deployment models simultaneously.The fact that these numbers add up to over 100% shows that workloads are spread across multiple venues.

But this sort of scenario is also where the complexity kicks in. Because to do this effectively for multiple production workloads, you usually need to transform – not just your infrastructure and applications – but your operations too.

You don’t necessarily have to transform all these at once. Many of our clients prioritise operational efficiencies through automation and service redesign as a first step. Others will look to drive savings in network costs. Both approaches will free up the investment to fund the transformation journey.

we’ll move on to redefining business processes, re-architecting applications, thinking through the best infrastructure options, and optimising operations – all with getting the most out of hybrid IT in mind.

This approach can actually change the role of IT within the organisation. It depends on how far the client wants to go, of course. But in organisations that embrace this, the IT department becomes more of a strategic enabler for the business, with its people concentrating more on policy, governance, and managing partners, than on routine IT operations.