PSTN Services is a minority-owned forward looking small business, born in 2003. We are focused on providing expert solutions for cutting-edge technologies that are needed for 21st century businesses. Our services encompass information technology services, cyber security solutions, large scale data center design, application and infrastructure transformation, information assurance, global backbone design, cloud management and consulting.

Why work with
PSTN Services?

PSTN Services partners with our customers to understand their unique business requirement and deliver digital transformation through organizational agility and on-demand service models. This client-centric approach and leading technology innovation, has enabled us to provide most advanced custom solutions at most competitive price.

At PSTN Services, we promote continuous monitoring of mission critical infrastructure and deployment through automation, which eliminates human error and reduces outage resolution period.



Our team of architects and engineers have industry experience in managing billion dollars projects and leading virtual teams across the globe. Our leadership team combines their technical experience with in depth knowledge of global marketplace and clear vision of the future. They thrive to be customer-focused technology leaders that consistently delivers optimal and cost-effective business solution.