White Box Internet/Generic Enterprise Network

Whitebox internet, the future of networking, is safe in our hands. PSTN master in making internet designs and solutions suitable according to every client requirement. We do this after a deep analysis about the client needs and by giving utmost care and attentiveness to the existing environment.

We provide a full infrastructure solution which includes hardware like Aarcus, Versa and/or Cumulus based Quanta/Acton, all after measuring and analysing the demands and necessities of the client network.

Our Solutions

We Accelerate Your Ambitions


Did you know versa has established the first open and software-based SDWAN ecosystem? Yes, they did and we uses it. Versa offers a wide range of platforms capable of accelerating large scale industry deployment. Versa makes networking simple and cost-efficient.


Aarcus advanced capabilities enable organizations to cost-effectively build massively scalable infrastructure across physical, virtual (VM and container), and cloud network environments while delivering superior performance, security, and deployment flexibility.


Are you looking for speedy deployments? Cumulus is your answer. Efficient, open, modern and more is what Cumulus offers. PSTN is equipped with a strong team who can handle networking like masters. With promised security, flexible architecture and reduced cost, Cumulus guarantees fast IT delivery too.