Our data center design consulting service includes detailed analysis of infrastructure requirement, hardware selection, proof of concept, implementation and complete project management. We negotiate with the carriers on clients' behalf. Data center consolidation and network optimisation service include infrastructure and service migration.

We provide a wide range of solutions from Spine/Leaf data center design to full scale MPLS and/or segment routing based enterprise WAN network. Our solutions are tailored to existing culture and future requirement. We partner with most of the large network vendors like Cisco, Juniper, and Cumulus. We leave the vendor selection to clients as we don’t favour anyone in particular. If you cannot figure out, we pitch in to help. We help you to select the best network vendor, considering your preferences and requirements.

Our Solutions

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Cisco is one of the most updated multi-cloud data center. Data centers are now all about automation, cloud, software designed technologies and virtualisation. And cisco has it all. Cisco eliminates risks and guarantees high performance and user experiences.


Juniper makes networking simple and accessible. It offers high security and multicloud ready solutions. Being a leading solution in data center networking, Juniper is easy to handle and is secure to use. Juniper is economical with all the best benefits.


Are you looking for speedy deployments? Cumulus is your answer. Efficient, open, modern and more is what Cumulus offers. PSTN is equipped with a strong team who can handle networking like masters. With promised security, flexible architecture and reduced cost, Cumulus guarantees fast IT delivery too.