Cyber security is protecting anything and everything from cyber attacks. It is done using different techniques. The cyber attacks can lead to access of sensitive data, theft or damage of essential hardware or software and even lead to extortion of money.As the cybersecurity is becoming more and more important after every day, so are the cyber attackers. This is point where a good cybersecurity system comes into play. PSTN services have the next generation security platforms, always a step ahead of the cyber attackers.

We work with the most advanced cyber security infrastructures like Fortinet, PalaAlto, Cisco Security and Qadium. The security suite for each project is decided after a long process of discussion and analysis of requirements. Our customers are free to select any cyber security platform as per their wish too.

Our Solutions

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Fortinet, in a word, is a next generation security solution. Fortinet has been effectively protecting the cyber world since the year 2000. High performance security for your IT infrastructure is their ultimate motto and promise. Fortinet has different versions of firewall platforms. Irrespective of the size of your project, they will safeguard you from all the threats.


PaloAlto protects your cyber platforms with ease. Hassle-free, consistent solutions are their major attractions. Cloud, mobile, network and more is protected with PaloAlto. They are fully automated and works seamlessly.

Cisco Security

Cisco Security guarantees to stop threats fast. They are highly powerful and assures automated threat detection. Cisco Security is exceptionally outstanding when it comes to encrypted threat handling. They make the process of remediation of threats facile.


Quadium holds the privilege to be pioneers in discovering customer’s assets real time. It has been rebranded into Expanse in no time with its first class performance in cybersecurity world. PSTN uses Quadium for securing your platform with clear knowledge of what to protect. By being up-to-date and accurate, Quadium can be the ultimate cyber security solution you are looking for.

Host/Source based firewalling

In host/source based firewalling, both source host and destination source is protected. This is the best cybersecurity solution for network based programs. PSTN keeps you safe from untrusted parties that are on the same network through host/source based firewalling. They can act as an extra layer of protection for your network.

Virtual firewall platform and automation

With the increasing using of clouds, comes the increasing need for protection of clouds. Virtual firewall protects your private, public and hybrid clouds. Manual protection of networks are too outdated and tiresome. PSTN provides an automation based approach towards cybersecurity. This elevates accuracy and efficiency in protection.